Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity

September 1, 2016

Update 4/14/18: I'm currently rebuilding the site on Statamic with TailwindCSS, watch the progress so far on Larastream.

This site is probably one of my favorites. It's by far the largest site I've built and took a decent amount of time to complete.

Nick Pfost the Chief Marketing Officer at the Institute created Illustrator files of what he wanted the site to look like, and from there we collaborated on the design and implementation.

For this site the challenge was finding a CMS that would easily integrate with how we wanted it to work, but also was easy to move from device to device during the development phase. We landed on OctoberCMS and while it doesn't do everything I wanted it do do, it does do the best out of the Open Source solutions I have found. Hopefully some of my pain points will resolved in future versions, as the CMS is pretty early on in it's development.

For this site I created five custom plugins for October:

  • Breaking News
  • Directory
  • Funny 404
  • Positions
    • A way to post and receive applications for open positions.
  • Sendy
    • A plugin that utilizes the Sendy API for allowing users to sign up for lists.

SGD Institute OctoberCMS Bootstrap