SQLite needs default for altering migrations

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March 8, 2018

When I was adding a new column to

Today I was trying to add a new column to my users table named one_click and I ran into the issue that when I ran the following test I ran into this error: General error: 1 table users has no column named one_click.


/** @test */
public function can_see_if_user_has_one_click_enabled()
  $paymentGateway = new FakePaymentGateway;
  $this->app->instance(PaymentGateway::class, $paymentGateway);

  $userA = factory(User::class)->create([
    'customer_id' => $paymentGateway->createCustomer('janedoe@gmail.com', $paymentGateway->getValidTestToken('4242424242424242')),
    'one_click' => false,
  $userB = factory(User::class)->create(['customer_id' => null, 'one_click' => true]);
  $userC = factory(User::class)->create([
    'customer_id' => $paymentGateway->createCustomer('jaxdoe@gmail.com', $paymentGateway->getValidTestToken('4242424242424242')),
    'one_click' => true,



Schema::table('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

I had no problem when running php artisan migrate, so the issue must have been with my testing environment. First I tried dumping my composer autoloader (composer dumpautoload), then I tried composer update with no success.

Eventually I did turn to google though I didn't really know what to search... I ended up searching "table has no column named laravel" and landed on this post: StackOverflow. While this didn't help my specific issue, it did give me an idea. Maybe the column needed a default value.

I added ->default(0) to the migration and that did the trick! Not sure why, but I'm not complaining.

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Jul 27, 2018

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